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On January 27, 2021, the second meeting of the most scandalous Standing Committee on Urban Planning, Architecture and Land Use of the Kyiv City Council took place this year and the third since the beginning of the new deputy term. The agenda was filled with several resonant issues that concern Kyivites, who are not allowed to participate in the meetings under the pretext of quarantine. What decisions were made by deputies – read in the UA-Times article.

Memo – will live!

Perhaps the greatest public attention on the eve of the regular meeting of the Standing Committee on Urban Planning, Architecture and Land Use in the capital was focused on the fate of almost 200-year-old burgher estate located in Podil district.

The first action to protect historic buildings was initiated by the public organization “Renovation Map” in October 2020

House at the address: st. Borychiv Tik, 20/4 by joint efforts of Kyiv residents together with six other historic buildings was saved from demolition in October last year. The action was initiated by the public organization “Renovation Map”, whose members collected more than a hundred “living” signatures in just two days against the deliberate destruction of the city’s historical heritage. Then, at the last session of the Kyiv City Council of the previous convocation, the land plots together with the historic buildings were planned to be given “in packages” for new construction. However, due to wide publicity in the media, the relevant decisions were not made.

The land plot moving was not successful

“Well, we didn’t manage to extend the” package “, we will try one by one,” the deputies of the new convocation thought, and began to “throw” one historic building from the list at each of the Land Commissions. Interestingly, although more than three months have passed since the preliminary review, the wording of the draft decision has not changed at all!

LLC (Limited liability company) “Dzherelo Nadii” continued to ask the capital’s deputies to renew the contract of the land leased by the enterprise, and most importantly – to change the LOCATION of the land plot from Borychiv Tik, 20 to Borychiv Tik, 20/4. The latter is the address of the neighboring monument located next to the leased area – “Residential building, 1832”, security № 68. All this is for the construction of a public center with underground parking.

The memo received a second chance at life in a row

It became known only a day before the voting that the draft decision with the same wording reached the deputies again. However, thanks to the wide publicity of the problem on Facebook, the opinion of the community was still communicated to the city elected officials (for the second time). Appropriate amendments were made to the draft decision.

In particular, point 2 was removed regarding the change of location of the land plot, which has already been dubbed “unsuccessful relocation” in the network.

Thus, the deputies supported the extension of the lease agreement within the limits set at the time of the agreement, which means that the construction of a parking lot on the site of the historical monument is canceled. At least for now.

The end of good news

Probably, it is all good news for today. Then, the deputies (although newly elected under the slogans – let’s save the historic Kyiv and its green lungs) took up their usual business. First, a transfer was voted for the “reconstruction” of a historic building in the Art Nouveau style on the street Turgenevskaya, 27b.

This house, built in 1910, was evicted for a long time, but now the deputies have not found anything better than to transfer it for reconstruction to a private person. This decision, almost axiomatically for the capital, means one thing – the demolition of existing building with the subsequent construction in its place of a new multi-storey building. The applicant – SPORT-TOUR INVESTMENT COMPANY LLC does not even hide its plans to build a new administrative-office complex on the site of the historic building, which is, in particular, stated in the case file attached to the draft decision.

The historic building is under reconstruction even without the consent of the Ministry of Culture. In Kyiv it is so possible

It should also be noted that the deputy Yuri Fedorenko (parliamentary faction “Servant of the People”) during the consideration of this issue made a very good remark that the reconstruction of buildings in the central historic area is impossible without the consent of the Ministry of Culture, which the developer does not have. However, such remarks, as has already become clear, went unnoticed by Fedorenko’s colleagues.

Bloody mall

Then events unfolded even faster. A draft decision on renewal of the land lease agreement for the construction of another shopping mall was submitted to the deputies for consideration. This time near the Osokorky metro station.

In fact, the confrontation between the local community and the developer here has a deep and long history, dating back to 2015. Then, in a wave of growing patriotic consciousness, local residents, among whom were many members of the anti-terrorist operation, came to defend the only undeveloped exit from the subway “Osokorki” from the tityshki.

In protest, people blocked the 8-lane highway in both directions

As a result of the clashes, more than two dozen people were injured, and the locals blocked the main highway of the residential area – Bazhan Avenue by the evening.

Under the pressure of such circumstances, the authorities moved concession: the lease agreement with the developer – LLC “SKY-BUD LTD” was terminated, and the mayor – Vitali Klitschko personally promised to create a park instead of the planned mall.

However, the promises given by the mayor, obviously, won’t come true. At least, the deputies present at the meeting of the Land Commission actively opposed this today. The case, which almost cost the lives of two Kyivans six years ago and caused significant damage to the health of others, did not cause much outrage among the new and not yet publicly tainted by lobbying interests of deputies- developers.

11 votes of deputies were enough to cross out more than 6-year history of struggle on Osokorki

Only Serhiy Krymchak, a rather odious MP in the past (“Yednist” parliamentary faction), tried to remind the chairman of the commission, Mykhailo Terentyev (“UDAR” political faction), of his vote for a draft decision to terminate the agreement, which they are trying to renew today. However, the answer of the Chairman of the commission was short – “how I will vote [today] will show the vote”.

Well, the vote showed that the draft decision was supported by only 7 of the 15 deputies present. However, this state of affairs was probably not satisfactory for everyone, and at the suggestion of MP Viktor Hrushko (“UDAR” political faction), the city elected officials reconsidered the issue, now without any discussion at all. The decision received the required 11 votes and was adopted as a whole.

Green areas

The Land Commission was engaged not only in preparing for the destruction of the historical heritage of ancient Kyiv. Green areas were also ruined. From what is discussed on social networks – part of the recreational green area along Sobornosti Avenue.

This document is not in the case 619173988, the order of the Deputy Mayor – Secretary of the Kyiv City Council from 05.11.2020 №08 / 231-2751 / PR for the lease for 10 years LLC “DAY-NIGHT” land for operation and maintenance of non-residential buildings on street Ivan Mykolaychuk, 15/17. And by this decision of the Kyiv City Council dated September 26, 2002 №24 / 184 to the land plot of the green zone located between (along) Voziednannia Avenue (modern Sobornosti) and Serafimovycha Street (modern Mykolaychuk), where the requested Day-Night LLC is located plot, was referred to the category of recreational lands and established to create a park of culture and recreation. Instead of arranging the park, it was divided into additional sections and one by one they are trying to distribute it for rent, and eventually for construction. According to the State Geocadastre, Day-Night LLC asks to provide it with a plot larger than its buildings, by the way, built without the relevant permits.

In particular, the requested area occupies part of the green zone, which is on the balance of utility company Dniprovskyi district and is part of the so-called “red lines” – there is a high-pressure heat main.

“Directly during the discussion of this issue, the Bereznyakiv community was unable to convey all its circumstances, because the doors of the Kyiv City Council are closed under the pretext of quarantine – a very convenient form,” local resident Iryna Kovalchuk told UA-Times. – We tried to address by phone to the local deputy Strannikov with this question, to members of the Land commission Shapoval and Fedorenko. Nobody heard us and didn’t even take into account that there was no detailed plan of the territory in this district”.

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