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At the traditional online briefing of the Minister of Health of Ukraine Maksym Stepanov, it became known that 44 620 new cases of COVID-19 were detected in Ukraine last week. This is 3.5 thousand more than recorded a week earlier.

Stepanov said that the number of hospitalized patients from January 11 to 17 with a diagnosis of COVID-19 was 13,555 people, which is almost one and a half thousand less than the week before last. 15,161 people were discharged from hospitals. Also, 182,437 PCR tests were performed last week.

New statistics

As of January 18, 2021, 3,034 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in Ukraine. In particular, 107 children and 87 health workers fell ill. Over the past 24hrs, 1,304 people were hospitalized, 67 fatalities were recorded, and 5,236 people recovered. Tests were performed per day – 13,247 (including PCR – 10,401, ELISA – 2,846).

Over the last 24 hours, the largest number of confirmed cases was registered in Kyiv city (301), Mykolayiv (323), Zaporizhia (266), Kyiv (240) and Dnipropetrovsk (220) regions.

Number of diseases in the regions per day:
Kyiv – 301 cases;
Vinnytsia region – 102 cases;
Volyn region – 129 cases;
Dnipropetrovsk region – 220 cases;
Donetsk region – 91 cases;
Zhytomyr region – 111 cases;
Transcarpathian region – 91 cases;
Zaporozhye region – 266 cases;
Ivano-Frankivsk region – 110 cases;
Kyiv region – 240 cases;
Kirovograd region – 5 cases;
Luhansk region – 3 cases;
Lviv region – 122 cases;
Mykolaiv region – 323 cases;
Odessa region – 150 cases;
Poltava region – 92 cases;
Rivne region – 61 cases;
Sumy region – 84 cases;
Ternopil region – 91 cases;
Kharkiv region – 46 cases;
Kherson region – 78 cases;
Khmelnytsky region – 1 case;
Cherkasy region – 120 cases;
Chernivtsi region – 161 cases;
Chernihiv region – 36 cases.

Data from the temporarily occupied territories of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk regions and the city of Sevastopol are missing.

In total, 1,163,716 people fell ill during the whole pandemic in Ukraine; recovered – 871,196 people; fatalities – 20,869; PCR tests were performed – 5,964,388.

There are 2,373 Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine-verified testing points in Ukraine, which ensure the collection of biological material for laboratory tests for COVID-19 by PCR, and can also perform rapid tests to determine the antigen. General practitioner can also collect biological material and perform rapid tests.

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Translated by Yevheniia Ivanova



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