Interactive world map COVID-19: USA schools shut down, Johnson can sit up


Quarantine to extended until mid-May in Ukraine, libraries and museums will open

On Tuesday, April 21, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine held a regular briefing on the situation with counteracting...

Kyiv City Council is promptly considering a comprehensive plan for construction on the lake

A new comprehensive territory plan of Bilychi micro-district was introduced in the Department of urban planning and architecture of...

New Ukraine’s government clarifications: in elevator -with mask, fine up to 34K hryvna without mask

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has provided clarifications to carry ID cards, where is it necessary to wear...

The world continues struggle with an invisible enemy that continues to gather thousands of human lives per day. According to data from Worldometers international volunteer group and Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA) on Friday morning, the number of people who infected with COVID-19 worldwide exceeded 1.6 million people. 96 thousand of them died. UA-Times offers a new interactive map of the distribution of coronavirus in the world.


According to Ministry of Health, on Friday morning there were already 2203 laboratory-confirmed infected COVID-19. 69 people died, and 61 patients managed to recover. take a look at our interactive map “COVID-19: Interactive map of Ukraine”.

Moreover, often in Ukraine they saying that not all people with symptoms of this infection is detected.


United States today are the most affected country in the world from Covid-19. On Thursday morning, according to the University of Baltimore, there were already almost 0.5 million cases. 16 thousand people died. The last two days in US recorded every day two thousand deaths from coronavirus. On Thursday, 14 states decided to close schools before the end of school year.

The New York Metro reported 41 death of its employees as a result of COVID-19 and the infection of 1571. At the same time, the metro still working, but with significantly intervals between trains. The number of passengers decreased by 92%, CNN reported.

Photo: this is how New york city looks like – New York Times

US President Donald Trump continues to radiate optimism. On Wednesday, during a conversation with religious leaders through a video conference that discussed restrictions on Easter holidays, the head of the White House said that in the near future the coronavirus will be defeated in the United States and a “fabulous year” awaits the country. “We have an amazing year ahead. We will defeat this infection. We will defeat this virus and defeat it soon. We will return our country. We need to do this. Believers need to do this. We must win. So I just want to thank each of you. I’m always here, ”Trump reported Voice of America.


“Light at the end of the quarantine tunnel” was also seen by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “There was a glimmer of hope,” the chancellor said during a special video conference of the leaders of the factions of the CDU / CSU ruling bloc in Berlin, dpa reports. “The growth in number of newly cases of infection is softening, we see that it is linear, rather than dynamic, exponential, which we witnessed in mid-March,” DW explained, from the chancellor, Minister of Health of the Federal Republic of Germany, Jens Spahn. In total, for 110 thousand infected Germans, there are already 50 thousand recovered. The authorities of Germany believe that if the current positive dynamics regarding the number of new cases of infection continues, the federal government will be able to discuss with the leadership of the federal states the prospects for the gradual lifting of quarantine measures after the Easter holidays. Everything can turn out positively if the Germans abandon the traditional celebration of Easter – in the church and with all family members.

In Italy, it was already cautious, but they started talking about easing quarantine by the end of April. This was stated by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and called the main condition – if the number of newly infected will continue to decrease. On Thursday, 610 new deaths were recorded. However, Italy remains the leader in the total number of deaths from the new virus – 18,279.

Зріз даних станом на 
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100 000—999 999
10 000—99 999

Підозрювані випадки


Круїзний лайнер «Diamond Princess»

In Spain, number of deaths on Thursday again decreased compared to past day, and Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that the worst would be skip behind soon. On Thursday, Parliament extended the state of emergency until April 26.

In France, the total number of Covid-19 victims, exceeded 10 thousand people. Authorities tightened quarantine, allowing them to go for a walk only at certain hours – until 10 in the morning and after 19:00.


On Thursday, 881 people died from Covid-19 in Britain in a day, the total number of coronavirus victims was almost 8,000. This was announced during a daily government briefing by British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, temporarily replacing Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who continues to be treated for coronavirus in the hospital.

The minister said that the quarantine with which Johnson dragged on and which was introduced only on March 23, will not be lifted until the peak of incidence is reached. Raab also said that the prime minister remains in “ICU”, but “there are clear improvements.” According to another member of UK government, Johnson can already sit on bed. In the evening, information was received that Johnson was transferred from “ICU”.


Residents were forbidden to leave their homes during the Easter weekend. The curfew will run from 5 p.m. on Friday to 05:00 a.m. on Monday. Serbian President Alexander Vucic said that his eldest son Danilo tested positive for coronavirus and now in the hospital.

Latin America

In this region, the fight against coronavirus is just beginning and most countries were not ready. According to the forecasts of a number of experts, including the director of the Institute for the Study of Health Policy in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil Miguel Lago, the region will ultimately turn out to be “the largest victim of Covid-19 in the world.”

In Ecuador, not only are there not enough protective equipment for health workers, but also coffins for the burial of the dead. The largest focus of infection was the port city Guayaquil for 3 million inhabitants. Of the nearly 4.5 thousand confirmed cases of infection in the country, more than 2.5 thousand patients live in the province of Guayas. And here there was a collapse in the work of hospitals, crematoriums, cemeteries and transport services. The problem with coffins, was solved only by assistance of the Association of Cardboard Manufacturers – entrepreneurs provided the municipality with cardboard coffins, Efe reported.


Two NAU dormitories were transferred to private individuals using forged documents

The press service of the prosecutor's Office of the Kyiv city reported that law enforcement agencies are trying to...

Embezzlement of $13 million was revealed during the construction of the Velyka Okruzhna road

The press service of the prosecutor's office of the city of Kyiv reported on the establishment of the fact of violation of state interests...

By forged documents, the entrepreneur took possession of two premises on Hrushevskoho Street​

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The bank provided a credit for UAH 11 million for a non-existent property

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Experts comment on the government’s restriction of support of the Export Credit Agency project

On the 3rd of February in the first reading Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed the bill №3793 “On making amends to the Law of...


Experts comment on the government’s restriction of support of the Export Credit Agency project

On the 3rd of February in the first reading Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed the bill №3793 “On making...


Embezzlement of $13 million was revealed during the construction of the Velyka Okruzhna road

The press service of the prosecutor's office of the city of Kyiv reported on the establishment of the fact...

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