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Earlier, at the site of the advertised construction, there was a residential outbuilding since 1892. The building even had the status of a memo – security number 662. However, by a strange coincidence in the winter of 2007 fire flared up in building.

Arrived, seen, setting fire!

Last week on one of the capital’s real estate websites, several rather interesting announcements appeared – the sale of two plots in the historical center of the capital under commercial construction. The advertisers guarantee that there are no problems with permits and offer turnkey projects.

The address of the first lot is Andreevsky descent, 34E. For a plot of 10 acres for housing and commercial construction, dealers are asking for 36,770,000 hryvna ($ 1.5 million). The Ad loudly praises the benefits of Location – access to the metro station, communications , and most importantly main architectural pearl of the Descent – St. Andrew’s Church. Her image even adorns the the ad.

Earlier, at the site of the advertised construction, there was a residential outbuilding of 1892 construction. The building even had the status of a memo – security number 662-sq.However, by a strange coincidence, in winter 2007 the building broke out from the fire, so much so that it had to be extinguished for more than six hours in a row.In the end, only the foundations remained from the building,which were also dismantled, and the site itself turned into a parking lot of one of the fashionable restaurants nearby.

Nothing holy, only business

Another one, not less interesting at the address: 8. Yaroslavskaya, 8. A residential one-story house of 1880, has been used for a long time as a prayer house of the Jewish community of Podol and Lukyanovka, is not even mentioned in the ad! Obviously, the building located in the List of newly discovered monuments of history and culture, few people can be interested in, “money” is valuable more than the land.

Significantly different- today the land plot No. 8000000000: 85: 359: 0017, which is for sale, it’s communal property of kyiv city However, obviously, this is not for long time. So, the issue of transferring this land for long-term lease has already been submitted to the Permanent Commission of the Kyiv City Council on urban planning, architecture and land use.

Here, even Ostap Bender would envy the creative potential of dodgers. February 22, the last update of the announcement of the sale of land, On February 24, information about the form of ownership of the land disappears from the State Land Cadastre, and on February 25, the city authorities are ready to transfer land to the undertaker.

And then the plan is already fulfilled – a fire, loss of authenticity of the memo, dismantling and construction the next monster. When the latter is built, it will only be necessary to submit a request for the transfer of the land to private ownership for the maintenance of the building.The grounds for refusal in accordance with the provisions of the Land Code of Ukraine are only one – if someone else is applying for this site.However, as you know, the rule is “Take.. state won’t hurt ”
operates in the capital almost impeccably, especially when certain people give you certain guarantees.

Whose good?

The seller of valuable lands may be a certain limited liability company “Yaroslavskaya”. The company is owner of Commission of the draft decision on the transfer of long-term lease of land at ul. Yaroslavskaya, 8. Previously, businessmen have already managed to change the purpose of this site for the construction and maintenance of office premises.

The enterprise as registered in 2017, the main type of its activity, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations, is the purchase and sale of its own real estate. The head, founder of the legal entity is Maxim Knysh, lives in Vyshhorod.

How dealers today destroy our historical heritage, read in our material “In Kyiv “Poshtova Ploshcha” cultural heritage monument for sale.



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