New Ukraine’s government clarifications: in elevator -with mask, fine up to 34K hryvna without mask


Quarantine to extended until mid-May in Ukraine, libraries and museums will open

On Tuesday, April 21, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine held a regular briefing on the situation with counteracting...

New Ukraine’s government clarifications: in elevator -with mask, fine up to 34K hryvna without mask

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has provided clarifications to carry ID cards, where is it necessary to wear...

Officially: three suspected сoronavirus cases in Ukraine

The Chinese authorities are trying by blockade to stop the spread of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus throughout the country and...

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has provided clarifications to carry ID cards, where is it necessary to wear masks and whether churches will be closed for Easter.
New restrictions will come into effect on Monday, April 6, in accordance with the adopted Resolution No. 211. On Ukrainian government website published explanations on the most common issues, regarding new restrictions.

Why the rule of carrying the identification documents?

The presence of documents in a person will make it possible to check whether he should be on self-isolation, or in observation. also this will enable law enforcement agencies to apply administrative responsibility for violators of quarantine rules.

Is it possible to walk in the street without a medical mask?

Decree No. 211 states that in all public places you should be masked, Public place – a part of any building that is accessible or open to the public, including (entrances, underpasses, stadiums; parks, squares, playgrounds, stadiums, public transport stops, elevators, government offices, medical facilities, etc..

But! list of public places can be expanded by local authorities. For example, in Kyiv, public places also include public transport stops and a 50-meter zone around them, churches and the 50-meter zone around them, closed and open type trading establishments, including shopping arcades and markets, cinemas and the surrounding area, like that.

Why wearing the mask is mandatory?

This is for the safety of us all. Given the rate of spread of COVID-19, all people are considered potentially infected. You may not know that you are carrying the virus, but you may endanger others. The mask prevents possible infection of others. When the mask is on, then the release of biological material that the pathogen may contain is reduced.

What the consequences of breaking quarantine rules? Can I be fined for going to parks, or going out without mask?

The Violation of quarantine rules is a fine from 17 thousand to 34 thousand UAH. And if you violate sanitary rules and norms for the prevention of infectious diseases, there may be criminal liability.

The churches is closed during quarantine?

Government does not close churches, but public and religious events are prohibited. We urge all Ukrainians to stay at home during the quarantine period.

Who will control quarantine compliance? Will police stand at the parks entrances?

Monitoring compliance with the rules of quarantine in public places will be carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Guard.

Can three person walking in streets?

On the streets only two person can moving together. An exception is to accompany children regardless of their number.

Inany case, people who over 60 can go out?

People over 60 must stay at home now. They belong to the high-risk group, therefore – they require self-isolation. What does it mean? Firstly, they must be located in the place of self-isolation determined by them. Secondly, to refrain from contact with other persons – except those with whom they live together.

People who are on self-isolation (except for patients with COVID-19) and who there is no one to take care of are allowed to visit shops and other places of sale located at a distance of no more than 2 kilometers from the place of self-isolation. These people must be with mask.

In addition, the government instructed the regional state administrations to take additional measures to identify and service single people and people living alone, among the elderly, people with disabilities, people on self-isolation, and organize proper social support.

Is it possible to be around house?

This is not prohibited, but other restrictions apply: you can not move in groups of more than two persons and go to parks / squares, recreation areas and the like.

Children are allowed to go out with ? Can children under 14 go outside?

Children under 14 years old are recommended to go out only accompanied by their parents or guardians. Decree No. 211 states that children are not allowed to be unaccompanied only in public places. But! As stated above, even the porch and the area around your home can fall within the definition of a public place. Therefore, we do not recommend that children leave the house without adults.

Can I go to the park or square?

No, now it’s impossible. Visits to parks, squares, recreation areas, forest parks and coastal areas are prohibited. This is only allowed if you need to walk your pet, or if you need it for business.

How we can walk pets now?

You can still walk your pets, but only together. Walking pets in parks and squares is allowed only alone.

When will children back to school again?

Quarantine valid til April 24, and therefore all educational institutions have been transferred online. At the initiative of the President, the All-Ukrainian School Online project begins to work. The broadcast will start in April 6th.

Should shops, banks and pharmacies should provide visitors with masks or respirators?

No. Institutions and shops whose work is allowed during the quarantine period can only control that visitors are on the territory of institutions exclusively in masks and respirators. Visitors must provide themselves with masks.
How the situation with COVID-19 is developing in Ukraine, you can take a look on the interactive map.



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